5 more ways to brighten up the darkest of interiors

As the long, dark winter continues, it has never been more important to try and increase the amount of natural light in our homes.

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With a report in Homes and Properties suggesting that natural light is essential for wellbeing and can benefit everything from our immunity to bone health and even mood, filling our homes with light clearly goes beyond aesthetics. This article explores some simple hacks that you can use to increase the flow of natural light in your home, without breaking the bank in the process.

Combine light and dark

If you are someone who favours dark fixtures and fittings, such as dark wood kitchen cabinets, break up those solid blocks of colour with light and shiny surfaces. Metallic splashbacks, pale worktops and white sinks can go well against the darkness and help reflect light around the room.

Kitchen lighting

The kitchen is an area of the home that is used at all hours of the day and night, for several different purposes. As such, you need lighting options that can meet the needs of this multifunctional area. Pendant lighting is a popular trend that provides task lighting where it is needed. Not only will these lights brighten typically dark areas such as dining tables or breakfast bars, but when purchased in materials such as brass or glass, they can reflect natural light, making the room lighter and airier.

Windows and dark walls

Dark walls are an attractive feature, but they can make rooms look smaller. Experts in Dublin windows and doors, Keane Windows (http://keanewindows.ie/) recommend that you consider the amount of natural light in a room from these sources, before you commit to painting a wall a dark colour. If there is a lack of doors and windows, then you should use light paint on floors and ceilings to balance out the dark walls.

Dark bedrooms

The fast paced nature of the modern world means that many of us crave dark and peaceful sanctuaries to retire to and so dark, decadent bedroom decor is on the rise. Counteract the darkness with light soft furnishings, such as bedding and cushion covers.

Accent Lighting

Soft accent lighting such as under cabinet spotlights, bedside lamps and pendant lighting is also a good way to meet your lighting needs, without ruining the ambience.