All about the Douglas Fir – a common choice of wood for flooring

Douglas Fir trees are evergreen trees, and are extremely tall. It isn’t uncommon to find trees that are over 500 years old, with some even managing to live for 1000 years! They are high yielding and extremely sustainable.

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A beautiful alternative to hardwood

Douglas Fir is a beautiful, fast growing softwood, renowned for being very sustainable. It is one of the hardest of the softwoods grown in the UK, and has a natural durability. It can be used externally and internally and is incredibly easy to work with. It’s a first-class choice for furniture and cladding applications, and is a good choice for a stunning wood floor. In many ways, it’s similar to European oak in appearance, although oak is a much harder wood. Douglas Fir can be less expensive than oak engineered flooring, which makes it a common choice for domestic wood flooring. The following link has an excellent overview of Douglas Fir, including why it is such a popular wood.

Why Douglas Fir is a great flooring choice

Douglas Fir looks incredibly elegant, when finished in white or pale grey, because it has such a tight grain. It can also look very rustic, by using a stain or varnish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Douglas Fir wood flooring can withstand high traffic and is resistant to spills, which makes it a great choice for families. Because it can be finished in paler colours, it can be used in most rooms in the home. It is also a popular option for dining rooms and bathrooms.

A pale Douglas Fir floor looks fantastic in kitchens, and lends itself well to achieving a very rustic feel. It has a natural and timeless beauty which is long-lasting. It is a fantastic low maintenance floor which can achieve the look of more expensive wooden floors. For more great ideas for wood floors, look at the following link

Douglas Fir is an incredibly diverse wood which is strong, beautiful and ageless. It is especially beautiful when used in white or grey, to inject a more modern feel. However, it is a great choice in period style homes, and because it is so strong and resistant to spills, it is the perfect choice for those with families.