Dive right in with your hair care

There was a time when people would groan when anybody mentioned Great Britain and sport. We didn’t exactly inspire confidence on a global stage. It’s not that we hadn’t had successes, just that we weren’t consistent enough. Well, London 2012 certainly opened our eyes and our nation soon became excited again at a new wave of athletic, cycling and swimming talent appeared. Four years on and we were stunned by our fabulous performance in Rio as well. All of a sudden, we’re dusting off our bicycles and signing up at the local swimming pool. Britain felt great again.

If all this sporting fervour has gotten to you as well, then you might be off down the pool a lot more than before, which makes me wonder how do the Olympic swimmers protect their hair from the chlorine and constant washing?

Swimcaps – of course, these will protect your hair as chlorine can being very unkind. Be extra mindful if your hair is colour treated as chlorine can leave it with a straw-like feeling which is not going to look amazing either.

Water – often see professional swimmers swigging from sports bottles? Well, that’s because keeping well hydrated is important as chlorine will do more damage to skin and hair if you’re already dehydrated. They probably also need it due to all the exercise they’re doing of course.

Clarifying Shampoo – if you’re ot comfortable sporting a swim cap then some shampoos work wonders in drawing out impurities in the hair including chlorine. Follow up with your normal conditioner or a Moroccan Oil treatment to keep that moisture and natural oil in your scalp. For KLORANE shampoo with mango butter, visit http://www.lifeandlooks.com/klorane-with-mango-butter.html.


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Moisturise – as well as hair, chlorine can wreak havoc with our skin, making it dry and itchy. E45 cream is a simple and easily available cream to apply liberally post-swim.

Swimsuit – these days you can get some pretty scientific swimsuits that offer things like chlorine resistance and quick dry material. You can also get buy anti-chafe suits and wearing one of these as well as applying vaseline will make the swimming experience must more comfortable.

Body wash – special washes enriched with glycerine will help to prevent chlorine from drying out your skin as you bathe. Something containing Sodium Thiosulfate will neutralise that distinctive chlorine smell as well.

Professional swimmers mention things like the importance of exfoliation before a shower or bath to get rid of dead skin cells. Leave-in conditioners are another way of ensuring that hair is receiving round the clock care and moisture. Having great hair also depends on your diet and lifestyle and you’ll find it easier to look after your hair if you’re eating loads of fruit, vegetables and superfoods. Eating well and taking care of your body is the most important thing for healthy hair, good skin and strong nails.